Jenae Christopher is a visual artist who was born in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. She attended Miami International University of Art & Design, in Miami, FL, to obtain her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts. Currently, she is studying to obtain her Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art at Florida State University.


As a visual artist, Jenae is open to many media, whether it is ceramics, paint, digital, photography, installations, or printmaking. In most of her work, she mostly utilized charcoals because of the boldness, sharpness, and contrast it had to deliver. It gives the work emphasis on the subject matter which she felt was very important. Now, Jenae has made a new favored transition over to graphite pencil for it has given her more control, details, and most importantly— challenge. She is fascinated by realism and the details of human forms and faces, and uses this as a starting place for her large-scale examinations of how the face reflects the experiences and history of the individual. In her view, it is important to observe these examinations because people go through many things, many situations, and they usually try to hide it. Other cases, they can’t.